Custom paper cups

To some extent, most paper coffee cups are coated with a petroleum based plastic resin which makes them more durable and prevents coffee from leaking. To add on to the environmental effects of paper coffee cups, the ink that is used to produce custom coffee cups does not bode well for our environment either.

Custom paper cups

Contact Us Vacuum Suction Cups Vacuum Suction Cups, Vacuum Grippers and Suckers are used extensively by the packaging, printing, collating and mailing industries, and for a wide variety of automated material handling applications involving metal, glass, plastics, paper, food and wood.

Your particular application dictates both the shape of the vacuum cup and the material used to mold the vacuum cup. That is why All-Vac vacuum cups are available in round cups, bellows cups, oval cups, deep cups, and universal cups; we offer large cups to small cups to miniature vacuum cups, which can be very tall or low profile.

We mold vacuum cups in rubber, vinyl, silicone, urethane, and a variety of polymer blends for specific applications that require such characteristics as FDA approved, oil-resistant, non-marking, ESD, high heat, and abrasion resistant.

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We also offer a variety of ways to attach the vacuum cups to your system by offering cups molded with fittings, cups molded with flanges and counterbores to accommodate separate fittings, and cups with simple through holes for pushing onto a pipe or barb fitting.

Vacuum Suction Cups have become finely engineered products that play a vital role in your automated vacuum system. We know that the proper cups will help ensure that your system is up and running full time; and we have seen where the wrong vacuum cups can bring your operations to a halt.

custom paper cups

All-Vac wants to discuss your application with you so that we may assist you in getting the vacuum cup that works best in your operation.Custom Print Packaging Here at Paper Mart, we think that creating a wonderful presentation -- for business packaging or a simple gift -- is a gift in itself.

That’s why we offer a huge selection of paper bags and accessories that dress up any item beautifully, whether for commercial or individual purposes. We also offer the option of creating custom print packaging to make any item that much. Our love for coffee has a bigger price tag than meets the eye.

The paper cups that are used when we ‘take away’ coffee are slowly building up and polluting the environment. NW Beverages is a leading supplier of disposable eco-friendly hot & cold custom paper cups, polyethylene smoothie cups & recyclable paper pulp drink trays.

The Paper Cup Company Pty.

custom paper cups

Ltd. has been serving the Australian market since We are local manufacturers of various sizes of paper cup & containers and we particularly specialize in custom printed Paper Cups, we offer quality and reliable Paper Cups you can count on. From cool t-shirts to custom mugs to DIY invitations, Zazzle is the place to unleash your creative side.

Shop for, or design, amazing products today! World Centric ® cups are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and meet ASTM standards for compostability. Our paper & Ingeo™ products are guaranteed to break down in months in industrial facilities.

Please check locally, as the facilities are not available in all communities.

Custom Printed Disposable Paper Coffee Cups