Feasibility study project proposal and business plan

It assesses competition and demand for senior living services such as Memory CareAssisted Living or IndependentLiving and appropriate pricing in a defined market. A potential senior living service area for the market is defined and its demographics and competitors are analyzed. Senior Consulting, LLC not only relies on reported information to licensing authorities, butconducts telephone surveys with area discharge planners and elderly agencies.

Feasibility study project proposal and business plan

Why a Feasibility Study is Important for any Business A feasibility study examines the practicability of a proposal, business venture or idea. The principal function of this is to determine if the project will continue or not.

In business, feasibility studies work in a number of reasons.

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The feasibility report will look at how a certain proposal can work in a long-term basis or endure financial risks that may come.

It is also helpful in recognizing potential cash flow. Another important purpose is that it helps planners focus on the project and narrow down the possibilities.

Accordingly, a feasibility study can provide reasons not to pursue the said project or proposal. When it comes to the operational aspect, the analysis determines whether the plan has the necessary resources for it to be practicable.


Truman Mox will also help you figure out whether or not the people will support the subsequent product or service. Additionally, you can have knowledge on the trends because a feasibility study looks at the present-day market and studies the anticipated growth of your target business sector.

What Is a Feasibility Study?

Feasibility studies are prevalent in all business industries. Getting a head start on a Feasibility study from Truman Mox will ensure you save time and money on the project.

Truman Mox has been providing accurate and precise feasibility studies for numerous industries. Find out more on how we can assist you obtain the necessary study to ensure your project starts off on the right foot.Business Plan Once you have determined the basic feasibility of your co-op idea, you’ll need to develop a Business Plan.

Why a Feasibility Study is Important for any Business | TrumanMox

The Business Plan differs from a Feasibility Study in the amount of detail it covers about your business as well as in its planning rather than exploratory aspect.

Market and Feasibility Studies A Comprehensive Market and Feasibility Study is an early planning stage study that guides a senior living developer in making a decision to proceed or not with their senior living project.

feasibility study project proposal and business plan

This business plan and feasibility study can be used to apply for bank loan, grant opportunities and entrepreneur business plans like The Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP),The Made in Nigeria Business Challenge (MINC), The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurial Program (TEEP), YouWin programme, etc.

A feasibility study, or business opportunity analysis, is a planning tool similar to a business plan. The feasibility study is done to flesh out the possibilities in an initial business idea.

feasibility study project proposal and business plan

A Business Plan – is a document that presents a summary of all the key sections of a business, it shows how the business is to be run and organized. It includes sections like; Goals and Objectives, Vision and Mission Statements, Processes of Production, Strengths and Weaknesses etc.

What is a hotel feasibility study and do you need one? As the name suggests, a feasibility study investigates your hotel proposal to see if it is feasible as a sustainable, profitable business model.

It does this by considering its viability relating to market, location, costs and financing.

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