Flir systems wacc report

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Flir systems wacc report

Other expenses Total expenses Source: Buba b ; Buba a Banking revenues are dominated by interest income 83 percent of total revenues and only a small portion of income comes from provisions 7 percent of total revenues.

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Explore our tools Morgan Delta One desk to leverage the theme discussed in this report. Over time, the performance of JPUS could diverge from returns quoted in this report, because of differences in methodology.
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The revenue of industrial companies is mainly sales proceeds resulting from the exchange of goods 93 percent of total revenues. In contrast to banks, interest income and expenses are not part of the operating activities of industrial companies, but belong to financing activities.

Again, the predominance of interest income and interest expenses for banks shows the specific role of the financing function in banking. In contrast to industrial companies, the financing funcdon is part of the operating business of banks. Financing represents a major part of a bank's value chain.

Flir systems wacc report

Debt is a raw material to a bank, and represents "what steel is to General Motors, something to be molded into Bank specifics in the context of valuation 23 Other financial products which can then be sold at a higher price and yield a profit". This specific characteristic of banks affects the valuation method of banks significantly, as banks can be only valued correctly if all financing activities are included in the valuation model.

A further specific of banks in the area of financing is the role of liquidity. For industrial companies liquid funds are only a residual of the production process. However, the liquidity kept on a bank's books plays a central role as a basic input factor into its banking business.

The financial market risks taken on by banks on both sides of their balance sheets play a significant role in their business.

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Whereas other industries incur risks as a side effect of their original business activities, the original business activity of banks is to incur, structure, assess, and manage financial market risks.

Interest income accounts for 83 percent of total revenues, and interest expense accounts for 71 percent of total expenses. Consequently, banks are highly dependant on interest rate risk. Banks' income from trading on their own account has increased continuously over recent years, thereby increasing their vulnerability to capital market risks.

Macroeconomic trends have an immediate impact on the value of a bank, and this direct dependency complicates bank valuation and requires a thorough analysis of the macroeconomic parameters and the forecasting of future trends. In this context, the bank-specific accounting standards and the capital adequacy requirements of banks are of particular relevance.

Due to banks' specific dependency on macroeconomic factors, legislators give them specific rights to build up reserves. In their role as financial intermediaries, banks absorb imbalances in the savings and investment behavior of their customers, leading to high volatility in the profit contributions of different bank products before and after risks.

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Krag gives an overview of these rights for German banks.Finance archive containing a full list of finance questions and answers from January 21 ESSENTIALS of Corporate Finance 9e. Pages. ESSENTIALS of Corporate Finance 9e. Uploaded by. Meng Xie. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email.

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