Insead 2009 essays

What would be your next step in terms of position if you were to remain in the same company? Candidates might also mention an estimated timeline for promotion into this position, if applicable. Because the information requested by this item is more limited than the other short answers in this section, applicants will likely be able to provide a complete answer in words. Please give a full description of your career since graduating from university.

Insead 2009 essays

The questions are taken from the PDF. For Fall admission, you can read testimonials by one of them who was accepted here and one was invited for an interview, but decided not take it here.

Additionally, another one of my comprehensive package clients and an interview-only clients were admitted. Give a candid description of yourself, stressing the personal characteristics you feel to be your strengths and weaknesses and the main factors, Insead 2009 essays have influenced your personal development, giving examples when necessary.

With a question like this I think it is important to understand that you are actually being asked to think about your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your overall personality and development.


What is important here is provide both an analysis about specific characteristics of yourself and something memorable about your background. Obviously the strengths and weaknesses should be ones that relate to your character, not to a skill set.

Given the word count, I suggest focusing on no more than about two strengths and two weaknesses. I would try to give fairly equal consideration to both weaknesses and strengths. I find that many applicants resist writing about their own weaknesses, yet to do so reveals self-awareness and maturity.

While I think it is necessary to practice good judgment when writing about weakness, I think it is also important that you provide something beyond the routine. Given the limited space here, you might find it helpful to write about a topic here that is discussed in greater detail in another essay.

Some questions to ask yourself: If so it is a probably a good topic. Is a weakness fixable? If you are writing about a weakness that cannot be improved upon through your program at INSEAD, why do they need to know about it?

Finally, if you are having difficulty thinking about your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your future academic and professional goals, please see my analysis of Essay 5 because in it I discuss how to think about strengths and weaknesses in relation to goals.

Describe what you believe to be your two most substantial accomplishments to date, explaining why you view them as such. Some key things to keep in mind when answering this question: The following grid is the kind I have used successfully with applicants preparing this question: Email me at adammarkus gmail.

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How to use this grid for outlining your answer to Question 1: These will eventually take the form of stories, so that is what I call them.

A few things to keep in mind: Your accomplishments maybe personal, professional, or academic. While it is very important that your accomplishments be distinct so as to reveal different things about you, there is no single formula for what their content must be.

Insead 2009 essays

It will really depend on your background. The key consideration is that each accomplishment must be substantial and that you can explain why that is the case. Some will call these selling points, but more specifically they consist of skills, values, or unique experiences.

The list of INSEAD essays for J batch are as follows:

The point is that each accomplishment must at its core reveal something key to understanding who you are. One key way of thinking about the MBA application process is to see it as a test of potential. Potential itself can mean different things at different schools and so you must keep in mind differences between schools and in particular must pay close attention to what schools say really matters when they assess applicants.

Please keep in mind that a core part of your own application strategy should be determining which parts of you to emphasize both overall and for a particular school. Given space limitations, it is not likely that you will be explaining how one or more of your accomplishments will be contribution, but rather this is a strategic consideration.INSEAD has released its application for the season.

The following are INSEAD’s deadlines and essays for the coming Sep. intake, with our italics in comments: INSEAD Application Deadlines. INSEAD advises that the job essays are more short answer than full essay, and that candidates should feel comfortable answering in one line or twenty, depending on the depth of background and information needed to answer the question.

INSEAD has posted the following job and motivation essays within the Fall MBA application, which is now live. Job Essays As the applications instructions state: The job questions are not essays. Hence, the number of →. Communication is key for INSEAD – in part because it is a key factor that their recruiters look for.

Hence the INSEAD application elicits your communication effectiveness. First, INSEAD asks you to write reflective essays – and to do so succinctly. As one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas to change lives and to transform organisations.

A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of our research and teaching. INSEAD Essays Job Essay 1: (Required) Please give a detailed description of your job, including nature of work, major responsibilities; and, where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, number of clients/products and results achieved.