Springfield noreasters case analysis

Cespedes, Laura Winig, Christopher H. Lovelock 1 Identification of the strategic issues and problems- This section contains a focused paragraph defining the problem. A problem well-defined is half solved therefore your analysis must contain a clear statement as to the underlying problem facing the organization.

Springfield noreasters case analysis

November 4th, Date Due: November 4th, 1. Who are our target consumers? How does the demographic of the Boston area affect attendance for sporting events?

Was the questionnaire designed properly? Discuss information collected, design of individual questions, and survey structure. The information collected from this survey was able to directly address several questions from that apply to the research problems see Figure A.

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However when it came to the willingness-to-pay for the different types of tickets themselves, there are some problems that Buckingham did not foresee when distributing this survey. One of the major problems was with how the pricing question was presented. First, the question itself was worded in a way that made little intuitive sense: Next, the categories of people indicating their willingness-to-pay are also not very clear.

There is no way to distinguish who is willing to pay a certain price for a certain type of ticket. In addition, the categories for the answers utilized block numbers, giving people the option to choose certain prices, but noting in between e.

Was the sampling strategy proper? Buckingham had chosen to mail out 10 postcards inviting the recipients to go online and fill out the survey.

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These 10 postcards were mailed out to 2 pools of people: The second list of names was obtained from sports-related organizations in Springfield who were asked to supply a random sample of names from its database.

Buckingham had stated, however, that he wanted to attract all types of individuals to view the games. Not simply just sports enthusiasts and families of those who were playing, but also casual fans and people who show up for pure entertainment.

With a heavier weight on sports fans, this potentially distorts the information collected from the survey in regards to sports attendance rates and willingness-to-pay for sporting events. As seen in Exhibit 5, the survey was completed by a marginally larger amount of females than males, in addition to several parents of young children.

You may use Exhibit 6 as the template to work your analysis.

Springfield noreasters case analysis

The price for a single game also rivals the price of close substitutes for entertainment like going to the movies. If we assume that the sample is, indeed, representative of the population, we can use the survey data to calculate projected profit.

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Ticket revenue is calculated by multiplying the dollar amount received per ticket sold by the number of tickets bought. Explain how these three cross-tabulations may help address research questions. Results from Question 7 If a minor league baseball team came to Springfield, is it likely you would… vs.

As mentioned above, there are problems with the way the data from the survey is presented, as it is ambiguous which sets of users are giving input about the different prices per category. If we were able to cross-tabulate items such as those actually willing to purchase a ticket and their different willingness-to-pay for each price level, it would allow Buckingham to determine more realistically how much people are willing to pay and discover their underlying price sensitivities.

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There may be some correlations between the age of an individual and how often they would attend a game, which could then lead to insights about the typical income an individual in any age category earns and implications about how much they would want to pay for a ticket. For example, those that are young adults may be too busy to attend a full season of minor league baseball but may want to attend a couple games once in a while with friends and could act as a potential target market.

In addition, patterns can also be uncovered between individuals with children in their families and the number of games that they are interested in attending.This report “Pricing Decisions – Case Study on the Springfield Nor’easters” will identify the strategic issues and problems faced by the Springfield Nor’easters minor league baseball team.

The paper contains a SWOT analysis for the analysis and assessment of the operating environment of the team. Springfield Nor'easters EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Major Issues History Industry FIRM RESEARCH COMPETITION SWOT Financials IMPLEMENTATION Market Analysis BUYER BEHAVIOR Demographics RECOMMENDATIONS Product Price Promotion Place Questions?

Kevin Tame Business Research Springfield Nor’easters Case 2/23/ #1 Evaluate the research survey undertaken by the League Sports Association and by Larry Buckingham, Nor’easters marketing director.

Essays & Papers The Springfield Noreasters Maximizing Revenues in the Minor Leagues Case Write-Up - Paper Example The Springfield Noreasters Maximizing Revenues in the Minor Leagues Case Write-Up. The Spring Filed Nor’easters: Maximizing Revenue in Minor League Case Solution & Answer.

Case Study Analysis Solutions. Case Study II: Springfield Nor’Easter Introduction In the case study of Springfield, Buckingham is the marketing director for the Nor’easter, which is a class A minor league baseball team in Springfield.

Just like any other profit-seeking business the aim of this sports club is sustaining a viable business by ensuring that it makes profit, at least it .

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