Strategic marketing plan for uttara bank

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Strategic marketing plan for uttara bank

Business plans 2 pages, words My post-MBA short-term goal is to get a position in finance at either an emerging technology company of information technology or telecommunication, or an investment bank that finances start-up companies of high technology.

I am specifically interested in the finance, because venture capital is one of the core parts of a successful business plan that will lead to sustainable growth. I believe the Pacific Rim has the largest market of unmet technological needs, where can help me to get the hands-on pragmatic experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

Even though I have accumulated strong professional experiences in information technology, I need an advanced training in finance and its management in order to make effective decisions across an entire organization, from finance to marketing and sales.

Strategic marketing plan for uttara bank

In order to pursue this goal, I would like to enroll in a business school that emphasizes entrepreneurship in the high-tech industry and cutting-edge knowledge of telecom management. My career goals have been slowly shaped by my 12 years professional experience. I have worked from a market representative, project leader to now as the executive manager and sales director.

I have demonstrated my leadership and perfected my communication skills.

Telecom Jobs

I am confident that I can best achieve my goals through the advanced education provided at Marshall. I realize that the strength in general management and entrepreneurial studies and telecom management, combined with its focus on the West Coast, exactly mirrors my aspirations.

These are the main points of Broderick and Boudreau observed, Information Technology is a platform for the management of recruitment practices in major organizations. Based on the works of Ball These strengths are evident not only in the curriculum, but also in the Prime Program, through which I plan to return to China.

Moreover, my post-MBA short-term goals demonstrate that I am aware that textbooks are not the most critical component of an MBA program; contact with real business people is just as vital.

The large population of international students and strong alumni base are especially conducive to forming lasting friendships and developing business ventures.

It also allows me to be closer to my friends who also have the similar long-term career goal of mine. If I work in a corporate finance position at a high technology company at start-up, I will endeavor to practice the skills required to recognize opportunity, develop a business concept, test that concept through feasibility analysis, and write a comprehensive business plan.

If I work in an investment bank facing high technology start-ups, I will be trained on the entrepreneurial skill set applied to finding and selecting new venture investment opportunities from the business plan reader!

A plan with as minutes details as possible including any But it is a very important Though the the amount of capital varies from business to business as per different position, size, decoration andebankING uttara bank, uttara bank.

Toggle navigation. Home; Topics. This is a Report on Business Plan on UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore prepared by group Elegant (VII).

DGM (Deputy General Manager)

To introduce a new era of business module in Bangladesh, we 7 friends are going to establish a retail superstore named UNISTORE, a unique, universal and versatile sales floor. Uttara Bank Limited is one of the largest private Banks in Bangladesh, The Bank has more than foreign correspondents at world wide, Total number of employee is 3, at present,The Board of Directors consists of 14 members, The Head Office is located at Bank’s own storied building at Motijheel, the commercial center of the capital, Dhaka.

• Prepare and manage marketing Annual Operating Plan & marketing budget for Retail Banking division • Successfully planned and launched the most premier credit card in Bangladesh, Signature credit card in , through print, electronic, digital and customer Vice President at Prime Bank Ltd.

Once the company has decided on its overall marketing strategy, it is ready to begin planning the details of the marketing mix, one of the major concepts in modern marketing.

The marketing mix is the set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it 5/5(1). Marketing Plan of Mercantile Bank Limited for Credit Card banking the country.

Seeing Machines Limited announces strategic shift in its business model

fostering economic growth and development and the development of the country’s market. the Uttara Bank in the same year and iridis-photo-restoration.commentPoint. formulating and managing the monetary and credit policy. set a strategic marketing plan for.

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